Polish United Baltic Corporation Ltd., is one of the oldest private companies with participation of foreign capital in this country. The company was established on 5th November 1930 in Gdynia and have been functioning all these years, apart from interval caused by the World War II.

The founders and shareholders of PUBC were:
Marek Myslakowski - a merchant who possessed 52% of the shares and two foreigners - a British merchant representing United Baltic Corporation and a Danish merchant representing East Asiatic Shipping Company. They possessed 24% of the shares each.

PUBC's history is closely related to the development of British - Polish shipping and trade co-operation. When the British shipowner United Baltic Corporation (UBC) started regular service between Poland and Great Britain, an agreement with Polish shipowner "Polbryt" was signed and the agency in Gdynia had been introduced.

Till September 1939 PUBC have represented UBC in Poland, their activities were based on cargo bookings and handling of UBC vessels serving regular trade between Poland and the UK.

After the World War II, in 1946, UBC re-opened their service from London to Gdynia, also PUBC had been duly reactivated. In 1969 UBC took over the majority of shares from the original shareholders whereas the remaining ones, a few years later, were also acquired by UBC.

PUBC continued their shipping and forwarding activities. The company has signed agency agreements with many other foreign lines interested in carriage of Polish exports and imports eg.: Ben Line, Blue Star Line, Bibby Line, Union Castle, United States Line, Sloman, Canadian Pacific Railways Company etc.

On the UK trades PUBC have always been a leading shipping provider, improving quality of services and introducing new transport solutions.

PUBC was the first agency in Poland, that started to handle containers - in 1965 the first containers shipment was effected on UBC vessel form Gdynia to Tilbury.

Soon after in 1970 PUBC started to organise and develop forwarding services and "door-door" deliveries in Poland.

In 1972, due to governmental decree all private agencies were closed down and the state monopoly of one shipping agency was formed, PUBC were allowed to represent only UBC - as their mother company. However the scope of activity was extended thanks to the agreement with Polish Ocean Lines - a joint service "Polanglia" was founded.

Today, PUBC's only shareholder is MacAndrews & Co., Ltd., London.

The company specialises in container traffics and performs canvassing and booking cargoes to and from Poland by representing following shipping companies:

  • MacAndrews & Co., Ltd.,
  • CMA CGM,
  • ANL Shipping Line,
  • Sloman Neptun,
  • BANK LINE - a part of Swire Shipping Group,
  • Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd..